According to authorities former Sharp County resident identified as Robert Lewis, age 61 is in custody in Oklahoma after he allegedly confessed to the murder of three individuals, two of which were also residents of Sharp County.

Sharp County Sheriff’s Office received notification from the family member of a Sharp County woman, Quinley Lamb, who was reported missing in January stating that her body had reportedly been found on a property in Eldon Hill Okla.

The sheriff’s office then contacted the Cherokee County Sheriff to confirm a body had been found.

According to Oklahoma authorities the department then contacted the missing woman’s brother who had found a body and obtained a search warrant for the property.

While Oklahoma authorities were working to obtain the search warrant, Robert Lewis, 61, (the suspect)wanted to turn himself in and he was located at the Cherokee Nation Casino. Authorities went to the casino and he was taken into custody.

A search of the property turned up two additional shallow graves.

Authorities say while interviewing the suspect, he admitted to killing three people and burying them on his property.

Authorities were on the scene all night searching and did find two additional people in shallow graves.

The victims were identified as Quinley Lamb, age 43, Brian Shackelford, age 51, both of Sharp County, AR and DeAnna Tippey, age 36, Cherokee County, Okla.

The suspect admitted to killing all three of them and refused to give a motive.

Authorities said they believed Lamb and Shackelford were killed Jan. 16th, and Tippey was killed sometime after Jan. 19th.
Authorities described the cause of death saying evidence suggests Lamb was fatally wounded and sustained a fractured skull, Shackelford was killed after his throat was cut and Tippey was strangled.

Lewis is facing three counts of first-degree murder at the Cherokee County Oklahoma Detention Center.