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Comment Moderation FAQ-If you have a question about adding a comment please read our comment faq.  (this document is subject to change)

Can I leave a comment about an article I read at Imboden Live? Sure we love comments! Under almost every article there is a space for you to add your comment. (please remain on topic)

Do I have to fill in my  real full name? If you would like to use a nickname or your first name only go ahead but we do require your REAL email address (don’t worry it won’t be posted online) DO NOT post pretending to be someone else(using their id). If we think it’s shady we won’t post your comment and you might be banned. or publicly outed:) maybe fed to the wolves etc..

Is moderated?Yes!

What does that mean? It means we read your comments and submitted material before we will post them onto the website.

Why would you do that?  Because some people do not display very nice manners when they are allowed to post anonymously onto a website and we like manners.

So if I disagree with you, will you delete my comment? No, but if you are really rude about it we will.

What sort of comments won’t you post? Imboden Live is NOT interested in publishing libelous personal attacks, threats, cursing rants, or unsubstantiated claims against places of business. We reserve the right to edit or reject any subject material we see fit.

Can I add a link into my comment? No, you can add it into the form if you like. But NO SPAM. We think it’s icky.

Will you delete an old comment I made? Maybe, if you email us with a really good reason but most of the time no.

Will you delete a comment or article I don’t like because it doesn’t agree with my personal opinions? Hmmmmmmmmm No! We read every single message and article before it’s posted. We don’t agree or endorse every statement made here by our reader’s but we don’t feel a need to delete a comment for that reason solely. As for articles we work closely with local law enforcement, fire departments, etc.. to provide you with accurate, timely information. We have no legal obligation to delete or remove posts, comments, etc..

My wonderful comment never showed up! How come?Well maybe it was a glitch in our system but it might have been deleted if it we found it to be offensive or it was off topic.

Wait a minute, what about freedom of speech!Freedom of speech is a top priority here. We believe everyone has the right to think and say whatever they want as long as it doesn’t deprive other folks of their rights. By the same token we at Imboden Live have the right to have (or not have) anything we like on our website. That means if we don’t want to post your comments here, we won’t .  If you want to post them on your own website, blog, or social media go for it!

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