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Welcome to ImbodenLive Outdoors, a showcase of the areas outdoor activities.

 Located in North East and North Central Arkansas, Lawrence, Randolph, Sharp,Independence, Fulton, Baxter and Izard Counties make up the majority of Zone 3 in Arkansas.

Thousands of hunters and anglers flock to this area each year making the hunting and fishing seasons a very important part of the local economy as well as a wonderful way of life. Generations of Arkansans have passed down the knowledge of hunting and fishing in the Ozarks to their children and grand children, further expanding the love for our area and our wildlife.

Hwy 63 is one of the most traveled highways used by sportsmen to visit our area. In the spring and summer months the amount of boats and RV’s up and down the roads is amazing! Fall and winter are filled with scenes of trucks pulling trailers with ATV’s and UTV’s all around our area. The Ozarks has something for everyone.

We invite you to visit this page often as it will change with the seasons, we hope you visit our area and enjoy why we “Love The Hills.”

Imboden Live Outdoors
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