Imboden Live Q&A

Here are a few of some of the most asked questions   and the answers provided by your editor. This page will be updated as we recieve more questions and we welcome your feedback.
YES! You can view all of our articles, leave comments, enjoy our videos, comics, games, and more all free of charge! You can even submit articles and photo’s that you think might interest our reader’s.
If you are interested in posting a classified ad some of those are free as well but we do charge for a few of the categories in the classifieds (please read that page for more info) We also charge for any advertisements but our prices are VERY reasonable so interested businesses/ politicians, etc. please inquire and we can quote you a price.
Is Imboden Live one of those generic ” town news or gossip sites” run by a nameless,faceless company?
NO. is proud to be a hometown family owned and operated business. 90% of the articles contained here are written by us and we take most of the photo’s. We gather information ourselves or it is submitted by local reader’s, schools, local law enforcement, fire departments, etc.. Delivering you accurate information is very important to us. We try to remain “drama free” around here but we do encourage your comments,opinions, and feedback!
Hey I don’t like one of your articles! Will you remove it?
No. In general we will not deliberately remove information published on our website. We do not remove or “unpublish” articles per request. The content we publish online is part of the public record, just the same as are printed newspapers.
Why didn’t you post an obit, a business opening, or an event I heard about, etc..? Some content within Imboden Live is only published if submitted by our readers , businesses, community, etc…. We call this user submitted content. We welcome our readers to submit events, photo’s, etc… to be published in upcoming articles . Businesses who would like to advertise on Imboden Live are encouraged to contact us about pricing.
I am looking for an old article you posted. Where is it??
Just use our seach box to look up by a keyword, use our archives (at the bottom of the front page) to seach by month, or you can try a categories search located in the drop down box right above the archives.
Can I leave comments on articles?
Sure! We encourage everyone to comment on as many articles as you like and leave feedback. We do ask that you read our Comment FAQ before you submit comments.
Why did you decide to start Imboden Live??
When I did a google search of Imboden, Arkansas and all I came up with was a link to a generic gossip site. I decided I didn’t want our little town to be portrayed by what was contained there. Northeast Arkansas is a great place to live and raise a family. I wanted to share that with the world. I had some self taught web design skills and a love of photography so I thought why not build a positive news site about Imboden and the surrounding communities. I never knew if I would make a dime when Imboden Live went “LIVE” on October 2009, I just knew I liked what I was doing. Little did I know that 3 months later I would be building a variety of websites for local communities and businesses. So word travels fast in a small town and in a short time we had thousands of Imboden Live readers, local advertisers who help keep Imboden Live free for our readers, we’ve built over 20 other websites (including the City of Imboden, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and many more!) ,we added a business directory, community directory, and it takes a combined family effort to bring you the amount of articles and photo’s to keep you coming back for more!

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