Arkansas Department Of Emergency Management announce today they have had reports of persons going door to door impersonating workers from the CDC (Center For Disease Control) . According to ADEM these persons are offering Covid-19 testing in exchange for money. ADEM confirmed that the CDC is not doing any home test alerting consumers that this is a fraud. If you are approached you are urged to contact local law enforcement. You can also report such activity to the Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s Office at 501-682-2007.

Jonesboro Police also released a post on social media warning of email scams in the area associated with the Covid-19 outbreak asking people to follow an email link to protect your valuable assets.

From the Jonesboro PD: SCAM ALERT

Be cautious of Scammers taking advantage of COVID-19!

Our department was made aware of a scam taking place in Northwest Arkansas and possibly statewide.

Please be extra cautious when you receive emails with clickable links asking you to “protect” yourself and/or your assets.  Your financial institutions will NEVER ask for your account, Social Security Number, Person Identification Number (PIN), or passwords via text, phone or email.

There is NEVER a legitimate reason to provide this information, no matter how insistent a caller may be. In fact, this behavior is a sure sign the caller may be a scammer.

If you have received any suspicious calls, texts or emails, you can report this activity to your local financial institution.