Last summer The Greer Family went on a historical treasure hunt.  They  knew when they bought their  home 5 years ago, that it originally sat at the  location which is now KFC in Walnut Ridge.  What they found after further investigation was the house was built around 1909 for The First Presbyterian Church of Walnut Ridge to be used as a manse.

Attached is a photograph of the home at the lot that is now Kentucky Fried Chicken in Walnut Ridge back in the 1940s.  A member of The First Presbyterian Church e-mailed the  Greer family the photograph. Mrs. Greer said she is forever grateful for the information about their current home. Also attatched is a current photograph of the Greer home.

The historic photo of the Greer home will be added to the City of Walnut Ridge website for the public to view. Thanks to Mrs. Jo Ann Greer for the photo and article submission.