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  • Historic Imboden Photo’s Submitted to City of Imboden Website

    A recent comment that was submitted to the City of Imboden website history page by Dave Hoaglan whose grandparents at one time owned several businesses in Imboden. Mr. Hoaglan was kind enough to share several photos to be added to the City of Imboden website […]

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  • A Home with an Interesting History…. Walnut Ridge, Arkansas

    Last summer The Greer Family went on a historical treasure hunt.  They  knew when they bought their  home 5 years ago, that it originally sat at the  location which is now KFC in Walnut Ridge.  What they found after further investigation was the house was built around 1909 for The First Presbyterian Church […]

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  • Little Known Facts About A Notorious Memphis Gangster

    George Celino Barnes, better known as Machine Gun Kelly was charged and tried for the kidnapping of Charles Urschel a wealthy business man, the two trials that resulted were historic in several ways: 1) they were the first, last, and only federal criminal trials in […]

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  • Historic Guns Owned By Bonnie And Clyde Go Up For Auction In Missouri

     Eighty years after their Depression-era robbery and murder spree captivated the country, Bonnie and Clyde continue to fascinate crime and history buffs. All this interest sparks the hope of a Missouri family selling a pair of rare weapons believed to have been seized from the […]

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  • History Of Imboden: The Methodist Church Fire Of 1921

    In 1895 the Imboden Methodist Church was built, the church was located one block west of it’s current location on 2nd Street across from the first town hall. As described in the writings of the late Edith Stovall the church was 40×60 with 15 foot […]

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  • Christmas Fun Facts

    Christmas Fun Facts

    Here is a little Christmas history. Did you know… In the 1600’s the Puritans made it illegal to mention St. Nicolas’ name. People were not allowed to exchange gifts, light a candle, or sing Christmas carols. From 1659 to 1681 in Boston anyone exhibiting the […]

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