According to Sheriff Jody Dotson of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Lawrence County will soon have the new enhanced Smart911 system.


The Smart911 system is a personalized data base that will be available to residents at no charge. The data base allows residents to register information about their home, medical conditions, locations and phone numbers. This information will be available to dispatchers, saving valuable time in the event of an emergency.


Sheriff Dotson is placing a link to the Smart911 on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Website at . The new system will help residents who use cell phones instead of land lines in the event of emergencies.


Sheriff Dotson stated that even though Lawrence County is not online with the system, residents can go ahead and register at . Sheriff Dotson stated this additional information is invaluable to not only law enforcement but also assist fire departments and ambulance services in the area.


Additional features that can be utilized is the addition of children’s photos loaded onto the data file, in the event of a lost or missing child, dispatchers could pull up the photos and distribute to law enforcement saving valuable time.


For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit their site at .