The Pocahontas Fire Department Dive Team in conjunction with the Randolph County Office Of Emergency Services along with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive and Recovery Team will be conducting a joint training session scheduled for August 2012.


The two teams have contracted with Lifeguard Systems Inc. of New York to come to Randolph County and conduct the joint training with both departments. The training is part of a Mutual Aid Agreement between both the Lawrence County and Randolph County Dive Teams to assist each other on calls in either county.


The Lifeguard System Team has trained divers from the U.S.Parks Department, New York Fire Department, Federal Aviation Administration and dive teams from over 15 countries. The course being taught to the local dive teams will be Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue.


The program consist of 4 days of training, 3 of which will be conducted in the water. Divers and other personel will train in search patterns, rope signals, tethered diver training, black water drills and more. Over the 4 day period, divers will conduct 50 to 60 dives during the training.


For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive and Recovery Team, visit the Sheriff’s Website at .