The Imboden Area Charter School had their annual Corporation meeting Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 6:00
p.m. at the School Building. President of the Board, Becky Anderson gave a welcome and asked Linda
Williams, Administrative Assistant, to call roll. It was determined that there was a quorum present. A
Director’s report was given by Ms. Judy Warren and included information that free breakfast and lunch
would be offered to all children in summer school as well as the any children in the community from
ages 3 to 18. All of the meals will be free and not determined by free and reduced lunch eligibility. Also,
starting this fall breakfast, will be made available to students at the Charter School under the Free and
Reduced Lunch Program. Students eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch will also be eligible for Free
and Reduced breakfast. Any paid students will be able to purchase breakfast for a preset amount to be
determined later.

Students performing for the audience were Evan Ealey, drummer, Sarah Scales, ballerina, Erin
Smith, Tae Kwan Do, Anakin Poston, Hunter Nunally, Hannah Anderson, Hannah Parrish all sang songs,
and William Smith played the guitar.

The Board of Education election was held by secret ballet with two candidates running for one
position. Lori Corbett, incumbent, and Kristi Koettel. Ms. Corbett was reelected to a five year term.

After the meeting those attending were treated to refreshments.

The Charter School provides many opportunities for parents to become involved in their
children’s education which is based on the students’ present levels. There is a very strong emphasis on
reading, writing, and arithmetic. Charter Schools are free public schools that are under the direct
supervision of the Arkansas Board of Education and the Arkansas Department of Education and are
unique in that they offer excellent opportunities for a different educational experience but are held to a
very high standard of performance. The Imboden Area Charter School has consistently met that
standard by being designated a School of Excellence every year of its existence. There are currently
open spots for any K-8 students whose parents wish to enroll them in the Charter School for the fall
2011 school year. The school is currently chartered for a maximum of 150 students and can provide a
personalized education for students of the area regardless of district location without school choice
forms or transfer forms being required.