Sharp County Sheriff’s Office is confirming the arrest of a Jonesboro man on weapons charges. On May 3rd the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office received a call concerning road hunting in the area of Turkey Pin Road, east of Highland. Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies and Arkansas Game and Fish to the complaint. Officers made contact with Marilyn Mitchell near a vehicle that matched the description in the complaint. In the bed of the truck, officers found a dead turkey, Mitchell stated she’d hit the bird with her vehicle and was forced to put it down with a pistol. Officers ask her to retrieve the pistol from a cabin in which she was staying, she was unable to locate the pistol. While on scene deputies noticed a disturbed brush pile behind the cabin with rifle stocks sticking out of the pile. In the pile, deputies found two shotguns, a tactical vest, an AK-47 and a large amount of ammo. Mitchell and her sister Vanessa Mitchell were questioned even more and learned the weapons belonged to Alan Chaffin, who had fled when officers arrived. 

Officers entered the woods and located a 4-wheeler belonging to Chaffin and soon took him into custody. In Chaffin’s pocket was a receipt for the AK-47 assualt rifle, bought at the Highland Army-Navy Store. Chaffin was a convicted felon, thus his reason for running. Chaffin was charged with Possession of a firearm by a certain person, a Class D Felony and Felony Fleeing. Marilyn Mitchell was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, both were transported to the Sharp County Jail.