Michael Brown, 7th grade, has been named Student of the Month for May at the Imboden Area
Charter School. When asked what he liked about attending the Charter School ,Michael said, “ We don’t
have homework.”

Mrs. Judy Warren, Director, said, “Because of our individualized system, students are generally
able to complete work at school. But research supports the fact that students who have little or no
homework actually perform better than students with the traditional “load” (Time, August 2009).”
Ms. Warren went on to say, “Very little homework fits well with our “ family oriented” school; it gives
children an opportunity to participate more in family activities.”

The Charter School has been in existence for 9 years and is a tuition free alternative for any
Kindergarten – 8th grade students’ parents who are seeking something different in public education.

The Charter School is firmly based on individual education where students only compete with
themselves. The success is shown through the improvement that students make in benchmark tests.
Now is the time for parents to enroll their students for next year. No transfer papers have to be filed
or choice forms completed. Parents should just stop by the Charter School for a visit and find out how
their child can be involved with one of the most educationally successful schools in the State.