Several agencies including the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police and several fire departments in the Hoxie/Walnut Ridge area are out in full force with rising waters flooding roadways making some impassable.

Hwy 63 between the Hwy 412 intersection and the Hwy 67 overpass at Hoxie has been the center of attention. Traffic at 11am was being allowed to drive on the higher new construction part of the road with the older section being covered with water. Clover Bend was also experiencing similar problems with Lawrence 511 and Hwy 228 underwater and closed.

Residents are being urged by Sheriff Dotson to use caution if they are in low-lying areas. Schools in Walnut Ridge and Hoxie are trying to send some students home that live in the effected areas.

Clover Bend firemen were reporting rising water in their area of about 3 inches an hour.

BREAKING NEWS– Hwy. 63 is CLOSED from Black Rock to Hoxie to all traffic but emergency per Arkansas State Police.