The past four years, the Sloan-Hendrix 4th grade students have been able to participate in
the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation (BSLF) project. The project provides a copy of the book,
The Black Stallion, to each of the fourth grade students. The students get to take a field trip to
the ASU Equine Center to watch a skit from the book that the BSLF has developed. The field
trip performance begins with a pre-show demonstrating different horse show and rodeo events
such as poles and team roping along with some trick riding skills. The BSLF project act includes
a group of gypsies in which one of the gypsy girls does not have any interest in reading until the
princess gypsy shows how books like The Black Stallion can bring your imagination to life as a
scene from the story literally comes to life.

“Fourth grade teachers, Bobbi Duncan and Janna Powell, always go above and beyond
using The Black Stallion book in teaching writing and creating various forms of poetry,” stated
Becky Foreman, SH Literacy Coach. “Mrs. Duncan and Mrs. Powell have the students so
excited about the book that they love reading it and participating in activities that involve the
story. The teachers do an excellent task of incorporating the book into their lessons so that
they can make the best use of their time. At the BSLF project performance, you would think
that a famous singer arrived on stage when Black, the stallion, makes his appearance. The big-
eyes and smiling expressions of the students reveal why all the hard work is worth the time and

Pictures: 01 – Trick rider during the pre-show of the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation project.

03 – One of the gypsy clowns “attempts” to ride a horse.

08 – The scene from the story where Alec is taming The Black.