In 1895 the Imboden Methodist Church was built, the church was located one block west of it’s current location on 2nd Street across from the first town hall.

As described in the writings of the late Edith Stovall the church was 40×60 with 15 foot ceilings.

On a Sunday morning in early spring of 1921 as Reverend J.F. Glover was finishing his scripture reading as Mr. Charlie Chambers entered the door an announced “the church is on fire”. By all accounts the announcement was accepted very calmly. Mrs. Edith Stovall goes on to write that as the congregation exited the building they each carried something of value. The men returned to carry out the pulpit, pews, lighting fixtures, the railing and carpet from the choir loft and the aisles. Mrs. Stovall continued in her writing to explain that the bell rope was cut, placed around the stove and it was lowered from the buillding. Even the windows were removed and saved by the men of the church.

Mrs. Martha Johnson, daughter of the late Mrs. Edith Stovall shared some wonderful photos of the church before the fire and an amazing photo taken on that morning as the church was burning in 1921.

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