Walnut Ridge Regional Airport Partners with BETA Technologies and Avflight to Install New Electric Aviation Charging Infrastructure


Walnut Ridge marks the second multimodal and interoperable charging station commissioned in Arkansas, expanding the network and access for electric aviation in the region. 

  Walnut Ridge Regional Airport (ARG), based in Arkansas, has partnered with BETA Technologies, an electric aerospace company based in Burlington, Vermont, to install and commission a second electric aviation charging station in the state of Arkansas. Entergy also served as the utility partner in bringing these chargers online for public access at the regional airport. 


BETA’s charging stations are multimodal and interoperable, capable of powering electric aircraft and ground vehicles alike. The chargers are designed with the CCS standard to prioritize vehicle compatibility — offering universal utility to benefit the varied patrons of ARG. 


“We are excited to become a part of this new era in electric aviation” said Stacy Hoggard, Manager of the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport.  “With the addition of the electric aircraft charging station, we will be able to serve the needs of all types of aircraft, whether they are fuel or electric”.


ARG has installed one Level 3 Fast-Charger located inside the fence (air side), which will primarily be used by electric aircraft, and one Level 2 Charger located outside the fence (car side), which will primarily be used by public EVs. With this new infrastructure, Walnut Ridge Regional is well-positioned to support the electric transportation future, which is currently poised to grow the economy and associated job opportunities. 


“Electric aviation is here, and we are proud to partner with Walnut Ridge to provide the infrastructure that will increase utility and connect communities across the state and beyond,” said Nate Ward, BETA’s Head of Network Development. “Together, we’re developing a foundation for the next generation of aviation, and ensuring that Arkansas continues to build its leadership and economy with the next generation of transportation.”


To celebrate this milestone, ARG will hold a commissioning event on May 15, 2024; with representatives from ARG, BETA Technologies and Mayor Charles Snapp will be in attendance to deliver remarks. 


This new charge site in Arkansas is part of a growing national network of electric infrastructure that BETA is building out across the U.S. Currently, BETA has chargers online at 20 site locations from Vermont to western Arkansas, Alabama, and Florida — with more than 50 additional sites in development for public and private use by commercial, military, and medical entities. Over the past several months, BETA has sold chargers to various state and municipal airports, the Department of Defense, Atlantic Aviation, Signature Aviation, and aircraft developer Archer Aviation.