On Tuesday May 7, 2024, at approximately 1030 am agents with the 2nd Judicial Task Force conducted a search warrant on Lonnie Lane. While conducting the search warrant agents obtained 797 packages of THC gummies, 25 lbs. of marijuana, 766.10 grams of mushrooms, and several packaged THC vapes.

Brian Shipley, who resided at the Lonnie Lane residence, was arrested and taken to the Greene County Jail.

This is a PSA to parents and school officials. Take notice of the packages. These packages are disguised as skittles, gummie worms, or other gummie candy that look just like the candy you can buy at your local stores.

Pay attention to what your kids are consuming. Also preach to them the awareness of these things. Let them know that if they do not know where the candy came from, probably not a good idea to partake in eating it. Folks, unfortunately this is the world we live in.

Great job on this bust. Hope there is more clean up to come.