On Wednesday the Sharp County Dispatch forwarded a BOLO (be on the lookout ) to surrounding agencies for a David Alan Stansbury, a suspect in an assault with injuries that occurred in the Cherokee Village area this morning.

Stansbury was reported to be traveling in a Black Dodge Magnum and considered possibly armed and dangerous.

Around 11am Black Rock Police Chief Archer intercepted the suspect vehicle on the Black River Bridge. Chief Archer conducted a felony traffic stop on the suspect, Chief Cooksey of the Walnut Ridge Police Department assisted Black Rock PD with the stop.

Stansbury was detained and mirandized by authorities. During a search of Stansbury’s vehicle officer’s found a liquid substance that field tested positive for meth and drug paraphernalia.

Stansbury was arrested and charged with Felony Drug Possession and Felony Drug Paraphernalia, he was held at the Lawrence County Detention Center until he was transferred to Cherokee Village Police to transport to the Sharp County Detention Center where he will be arraigned on his charges in Sharp County.

Stansbury complained of wrist and ankle injuries from his earlier altercation, MedicOne Ambulance was called to the Lawrence County Detention Center to assess any injuries before he was transferred.

Cook’s Wrecker Service of Walnut Ridge removed the suspect vehicle.