Today we were contacted by Mr. Clifford Adams of Ravenden Springs who recently lost his barn and contents to a fire.

The following is Mr. Adams statement:

Most of you know I lost my barn and 300 plus bales of hay to a fire last week.

I’d like to express my appreciation to the Imboden Volunteer Fire Chief Jim Jones and all the dedicated fireman from 5 departments who assisted.

Your efforts to control the fire and remove equipment are greatly appreciated.

Also thanks to law enforcement for quickly identifying those responsible for the fire.

I am also grateful to those who have offered help me with hay to finish out the feeding season.

I cannot express how much I appreciate my friends during this time.

Clifford Adams

Mr. Adams barn was burned last Wednesday night, fire departments from Imboden, Black Rock, Walnut Ridge, Pocahontas and Ravenden all responded to the fire.

Mr. Adams barn and the contents were lost in the blaze. Firefighters were on scene until nearly 2 am getting the fire under control and protecting other property from damage.

An investigation into the suspicious fire quickly identified three female juveniles who admitted responsibility for the fire.