On June 16, 2021, Agents with Homeland Security Investigations and the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force, partnered with officers from Jonesboro Police Department, Arkansas State Police, Craighead County Sheriff’s Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Department, Clay County Sheriff’s Department, Rector Police Department, Marmaduke Police Department, Pocahontas Police Department, and the Paragould Police Department in what started as a controlled delivery of a package of drugs from Mexico, and led into the shutdown of a 4 year long mushroom and DMT home lab and dispensary. Task Force Officers with Homeland Security received information from FedEx and Border Patrol regarding a package shipped from Mexico to Rector, Arkansas that contained approximately fifteen pounds of DMT, which is a hallucinogenic schedule I controlled substance. The street value of the package of DMT is over $100,000.

Agents with Homeland Security then made contact with Clay County 2nd Judicial DTF Agents and arranged a controlled delivery to the address in Rector, AR. After the delivery, agents executed a search warrant into the Rector home to retrieve the package and arrested Jacob Smith, who accepted the package from undercover DTF agents. Smith was booked into the Clay County Detention Center on the charge of trafficking a controlled substance. Later on, agents retrieved two arrest warrants for Amber Smith and Tylor Clairday for trafficking a controlled substance.

Agents made contact with these two individuals at their apartment on 3rd Street in Marmaduke. At that time, officers noticed marijuana in plain view and placed Tylor Clairday and Amber Smith under arrest for the trafficking charge. Another search warrant was then executed at the apartment in Marmaduke.

At this time, agents located LSD, Kratom, marijuana, paraphernalia, MDMA (ecstasy), mushrooms, $2,449.00, five firearms, and cocaine. Further, there were numerous items used to produce, grow, cultivate, package, and sell controlled substances. Also, agents found a journal where Clairday made entries as far back as 2018 where he described his experiments with growing mushrooms and his recipes for DMT production and use.

Both Clairday and Smith were booked into the Greene County Detention Center on trafficking a controlled substance, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and several charges of possession of controlled substances with purpose to deliver.