Pocahontas Police arrested three men after receiving two 911 calls in the area of Elm and Carter stating neighbors had kicked in their door.

Police arrived and found an apartment door kicked in and could hear people screaming in two different languages. Pocahontas officers announced to the occupants their presence and entered finding 3 male suspects in the apartment, one with a loaded 12 gauge shotgun.

The resident stated that as he arrived home from work around 4pm the suspects yelled at the victim, he stated about 30 minutes after that happened they kicked in his door. The victim retrieved a shotgun and shot a warning shot before being overtaken by the three individuals. During the struggle the weapon discharged a second time. The suspects then made threats to the victim.

Officers arrived and disarmed the suspect and took the three into custody.

Randy Anta, Aron Anta and Remeying Anta were all three arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault, Residential Burglary and Criminal Impersonation. All three gave officers false names and dates of birth. Two of the individuals, Randy and Aron were also found to have outstanding warrants.

The three were booked into the Randolph County Detention Center. Bond was set at $25,000 for Randy, $20,000 for Aron and $15,000 for Remeying.