Last week additional search warrants were issued in the case of murdered Former State Senator Linda Collins. One of the warrants acquired by the Arkansas State Police involves a vehicle owned by the accused killer Rebecca O’Donnell’s mother Sandra Gipson, a red 2011 Ford Focus which was taken from the Randolph County Sheriffs Department and transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab to be tested for trace evidence.

Additional charges against O’Donnell filed in January circled around another vehicle in the possession of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, a 2005 Honda belonging to O’Donnell. Court affidavits alleged O’Donnell attempted to solicit an inmate to blow up the car destroying potential evidence and also attempted to solicit the murder of Collins ex husband former judge Phil Smith.

Rebecca O’Donnell is charged with capital murder, accused of stabbing Linda Collins at her Pocahontas home in June 2019. Limited information released under court orders indicated security camera footage may provide key evidence along with phone calls made by O’Donnell.

Additional warrants issued last week include warrants issued by Judge John Fogleman involving computers in the custody of the Arkansas State Police. The computers are associated with the Rock and Roll Hwy 67 Inn once owned and operated by Linda Collins.

The next court date in the case is set for May 21st, the hearing involved evidence and challenges the constitutionality of the death penalty in this case.