Governor Hutchison’s daily update on COVID-19 in Arkansas  

The Governor recognized Chief Petty Officer Charles Robert Thacker Jr. who lost his life due to COVID-19. He was on the USS Theodore Roosevelt and then hospitalized in Guam.  He was from Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

The Governor expressed condolences to his family. 

1695 COVID-19 cases in Arkansas total 

1065 active 

37 deaths 

93 hospitalized 

23 on a ventilator 

593 recovered 

228 healthcare workers 

116 in nursing homes 

Forrest City prison- 57 inmates -9 staff/contractors 

LR community correction – 62 inmates 27 staff 

Cummins prison – 129 total 

The number of positives from the Cummins outbreak will not be added to the  ADH totals until tomorrow. Many cases have been found in other barracks of the prison.  

4 priorities for loosening restrictions in Arkansas

Restoring economy 

Protecting at risk individuals 

Maintaining adequate testing, PPE

Preventing resurgence 

According to ADH ,  May should see a downward trend. They can now offer testing to all asymptotic individuals. Dr. Nate Smith encouraged Arkansans to keep doing the changes . Physical distancing, wearing cloth masks, staying home when ill. 

In relation to the positive cases of individuals age 65 and older who’ve tested positive. 

355 total cases from 65 and older 

25 of the deaths are from individuals 65 and older. 

Arkansas has the goal of May 4th to meet criteria be able to go to phase one of loosening restrictions.  This seems to be a contrast of earlier statements stating that Arkansas is projected to reach the peak May 2nd. 

How do we get to phase one?  

Proposed State or Regional  Gating Criteria must be satisfied before proceeding to a phased opening. These include a downward trajectory of COVID or influenza like illnesses reported in 14 days, number of cases , the number  of ER visits, hospitalized and testing must in place for healthcare workers, etc…