Yesterday was a shocking day in the reporting of COVID in or area. For weeks now we have reported infected numbers, recoveries and even deaths according to information directly from the Arkansas Department of Health. Throughout this whole pandemic we have had readers telling us these numbers can’t be correct, many of our readers work in the healthcare industry and seemed to have firsthand knowledge of cases in our area. Our response was always the same, these are the numbers being put out by the ADH and they are the most accurate information we have. Well all that has changed in our opinion. Thanks to State Rep. Fran Cavenaugh asking some tough questions, new information has come to light. There ARE more cases in Lawrence County that are NOT being reported by the ADH. Also the answer given to Mrs. Cavenaugh about infected patients be counted in their “home residence county” is simply unacceptable.

The public is correct in saying “the numbers don’t add up”, they absolutely do not.

The truth is simple, we do not know the truth and may never! We do commend State Rep. Fran Cavenaugh for helping explain what many believe is a cover-up by state officials, also we thank her for working with us throughout this time helping put the most updated information out for the citizens.

We will continue to report the ADH updates along with the briefings by Governor Hutchinson. These are the only state numbers and statistics we have at this time but we will continue to disagree with the numbers being associated with each county knowing the process of accounting is flawed to say the least.