At 9:14 pm Lawrence County was placed under a severe thunderstorm warning until 10:00 pm. At 9:22 pm, as the storm passed through Lawrence County, reports of power outages began to come into the Lawrence County Dispatch center in the Portia area.

At 9:51 pm multiple reports of trees down , power lines damaged, and roads obstructed in the Black Rock area along with several downed trees in Imboden. The Imboden fire department was called to clear trees blocking one lane of traffic on Hwy. 63, 1st street, and 4th street according to fire chief Jim Jones.

Reports of trees down on old Union and Powell Road in Randolph county were reported as well. Multiple power outages were reported in Imboden and Black Rock, highway 25 was closed for a short time as the Black Rock Fire Department with assistance from the Portia Fire Department removed a large tree from the roadway.  Power lines were down on St. Joseph street, 3rd street, 2nd street, and near the boat launch at Black Rock. Utility crews from both Entergy and Craighead Electric arrived on scene and were expected to be in the area making repairs throughout the night.

Two house in Black Rock were damaged by trees falling on the roofs.  There were no injuries reported in either incident.  Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies and Black Rock police assisted the fire department with traffic control as debris was removed from the roadways. The national weather service indicated that winds were in excess of 70 mph in the Black Rock area.

Other power outages were reported in Powhatan, Maynard, Smithville, Lynn, and Ravenden.