At 11:15 pm the Lawrence County Dispatch Center paged the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team to the area of the Black Rock boat launch after receiving a 911 call reporting a female ,who couldn’t swim,  allegedly  jumping into the Black river attempting suicide.  The Black Rick Fire Department, AET Ambulance, and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office were all dispatched to the scene as well.

At 11:23pm the rescue boat was launched from Black Rock and traveled south down the Black River. Witnesses on the shore had lost visual of the victim in the water, at approximately the same time the rescuers in the boat spotted the lifeless body floating facedown in the middle of the Black River. Within seconds the rescuers recovered the female into the boat and began immediate life saving procedures. The rescue boat and victim quickly returned to the Black Rock boat launch and met the ambulance.  A helicopter from Survival Flight was requested to the Black Rock ball field. The ambulance moved the patient to the landing zone that was set up by the Black Rock fire department. The patient was said to be breathing on her own and was flown to an area hospital for treatment.  The victims identity hasn’t been released. The investigation is being led by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office into this incident. At 12:31 am all units checked clear from the scene and the landing zone.

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