The Lawrence County Cooperative School purchased some of the old Black Rock School property and were working on clean up and basic repairs so they could begin using it.   As of last Monday, May 7th  it was vandalized. The damage was extensive to one part of the building.  Ceiling tiles and insulation were town down, almost every light fixture broken, paint/ cleaning liquids spread throughout the building, computer equipment and school supplies were scattered.
The Lawrence County Cooperative School cleaned up parts of the damage last week including  the gym floor which had been vandalized with paint. They also installed added lighting to deter future break ins. Unfortunately the vandals flipped off the main breaker to remain undetected and continued their destruction during a second break in.
Saturday May 12th it was discovered that the gym had been vandalized again with destruction of even more property.

Black Rock Police Department in conjunction with the Lawrence County Sherff’s office is investigating the crime. According to Black Rock Police Chief Dustin Walker interviews are being conducted and suspects are being developed.

Authorities are requesting that anyone who may have information to report it to the Lawrence County Sheriff Office 886-2525.


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