Lawrence County was placed under a severe thunderstorm warning early Saturday evening.  As the line of thunderstorms entered Lawrence County accompanied by strong winds the first reports of damage came in the Lynn area.  At 9:23 pm Lawrence County Dispatch notified the Lynn Fire Department of a tree across Lawrence 269, fire fighters responded to the area and had to wait out a severe lightening storm before clearing the area.

At 9:25pm as the line of storms moved through Imboden the Imboden Fire Drparyment received a report of a lightening strike in the area of Elm and East 2nd streets. Fire fighters responded to the area and discovered that a lightening strike had hit a tree. No other damage or injuries were discovered.

As the line of storms approached Walnut Ridge wind damage reports came in from the area of highway 412 near Walmart and a tree on a house on southwest 6th.  Walnut Ridge Fire dispatched crews to both locations. The house on southwest 6th sustained heavy damage but was unoccupied according to reports.  Around that same time period reports from damage around the county were coming into Lawrence county dispatch including a tree across lawrence 316, Lynn fire was dispatched to that area.  Strawberry fire department responded to a tree down on highway 25 and the Ravenden Police Department reported wind damage at Welch and 3rd streets in Ravenden.

At 10 pm there were an estimated 100 people were without power, and some 3400 in Sharp county.  The number of those without power rose throughout the night as wind damage continued.

At 10:48 pm reports circulated that the Lawrence County Courthouse lost power including its backup generator system.  This included the Lawrence county dispatch which was transferred to the Walnut Ridge Fire Department. Walnut Ridge fire fighters maintained radio communications until the problem was resolved.  911 calls were rerouted through Randolph County.

Several other reports of damage cam  in overnight including property damage in Lynn and several trees reported down in the Black Rock area early Sunday morning.

No injuries were reported.