A thunderstorm packing high winds raked across Lawrence County overnight, resulting in downed trees and power lines around the Williams Baptist College campus. There were no injuries and no major structural damage reported at WBC, but three vehicles belonging to students were damaged by a fallen tree near Southerland Hall.

Power was knocked out for several hours along Mills Street, on the south edge of campus, but electrical service was not affected in classroom or office buildings. Williams opened on its standard schedule Wednesday.

WBC maintenance crews were busy removing downed trees and limbs Wednesday morning, and the Walnut Ridge street department assisted the college by helping clear two large oak trees that fell along Mills Street and an adjoining drainage ditch.

The storm hit around 3:30 Wednesday morning. Winds reportedly were clocked at 78 miles per hour at Walnut Ridge Regional Airport.


Photo attached: Walnut Ridge street department workers clear away a large oak tree that fell along Mills Street on the Williams Baptist College campus.