A set of 30 Arkansas Executive Series Duck Stamp Prints, known as the Overbay Collection, is currently on display at the Lawrence County Library in Walnut Ridge. The prints are on loan from Williams Baptist College.

The prints, from the years 1981 to 2010, were donated to Williams by C.H. Overbay of Jonesboro. The collection is a part of the Arkansas Executive Series Prints with Medallion and Mint Stamp. Out of a limited edition of 500, the prints are numbered 74.

Overbay, who is a retired U.S. Army colonel, is an avid collector of wildlife and military art prints, as well as military history books. His daughter, Hayley, is a senior biology major and softball player at WBC.

The collection is on display through the end of January in the Janet Stuart Gallery of the Lawrence County Library. There is no charge to view the display.

WBC plans to sell the collection after the display ends at the library. Those wanting more information on purchasing the prints can contact Aaron Andrews at 870-759-4105 or aandrews@wbcoll.edu.