The Black Rock Alumni Committee wants to notify all former Zebras of the coming Alumni Banquet to be held July 5th, at the Black Rock Campus… Cafetorium.  A happy hour meet and greet begins at 4:30, with the meal being served at 5:30.  Come for some, or come for all.  More classes are being honored than ever before.  Its a chance to visit with friends in your former class and those who graduated before or after you.  See past teachers, enjoy the remember when’s, and have a great meal.
To make this an event to remember, all former graduates from Black Rock School are asked to help find Zebras.  You are possibly the only contact for some of your past friends and acquaintances.  Don’t let them miss a chance to revisit the past and see people fondly remembered. Young and old, if you are a past Zebra, you can help.  So get on the phone, pull out your stamps, access those web connections, and help us find those Zebras.
Tickets are $12.50 per person if you pre-register, and $15.00 at the door. Alumni members are asked to pre-register to get a total count for seating arrangements and enough food prepared for everyone attending.  Send payment to Vesta Smith, 990 Elm St., Black Rock, AR 72415.  Deadline to pre-register is June 25, 2014