Davidsonville Historic State Park will be conducting a prescribed burn this winter. The burn can happen any time between November 15 through March 1st. When the burn takes place, certain areas of the park will be shut down. These areas include all trails and the Black River access. Prescribed burns are conducted when weather conditions are favorable enough to do so which may not give us time to do a full media release. Before planning activities at the park during this time period, please call. Also, watch the Arkansas State Park website and facebook for updates.

Why conduct prescribed burning on state parks?

While the initial result of prescribed burning may look unattractive, Arkansas State Park’s goal is responsible land management. Prescribed burns are conducted to reduce fuel loads and ladder fuels and to reduce leaf litter on the forest floor which helps prevent wildfires that can lead to destruction of life and property. We also do it for habitat management. Prescribed burning is a good way to provide more food for local wildlife and aid in native species restoration.

For more information, please contact the park office at 870.892.4708 or email kendra.harris@arkansas.gov