Big news is going around Lawrence County.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 the Lawrence County School board held a meeting to discuss whether or not to keep Black Rock Schools open. By the end of this meeting a conclusion was met, Black Rock would be closing its doors after the 2013-2014 school year.

In 2006 Black Rock consolidated with Walnut Ridge and they became the Lawrence County School District. After eight years of trying to stay open, it has come time to say goodbye to this small town school. The school has been having troubles financially for years. The students and faculty are all having a hard time coping with this decision. I had the chance to sit down with some of the students and teachers to get their point of views on the shut down.

A senior at Black Rock High School Rachael Weekley has attended this school since pre-k, so the shut down is hitting her pretty hard. When I asked Rachael to explain her feelings she had a lot to say. “When I first heard about Black Rock shutting down, a million thoughts went through my head. I was sad, angry, and fought back tears. All I could think about were the Juniors and how they would react to the news. I wanted to fight the board and the Lawrence County School District, so that my underclassmen would not have to face this difficult time. I have gone to Black Rock for twelve years and honestly could not think of a better school. We may not have a lot of kids, but we do have dedicated and caring teachers, supportive parents, and talented students. I didn’t know why that wasn’t enough. I’ll never get to go back to that school after my graduation and see my old teachers or watch my friends play basketball. I’ll never step foot back in that gym or that building after May, and that’s hurts. What hurts the most, though, is when I think about what will happen to all of our pictures, trophies, uniforms, and other things. Black Rock will be nothing but a memory, and that school will be forever in our hearts.”
Along with speaking to Ms. Weekley I also got the chance to hear from Senior Class President Caleb McKenzie. Caleb had attended Black Rock since the third grade. He has been a Zebra for nine years. When I asked him about the shut down he replied with this, “I feel saddened by the shutdown. I mean, it’s been my second home for nine years and I have grown very attached to it. I feel also that it’s some type of closure for the students. For years we’ve heard the rumors of the “shutdown,” and that always kept us on edge. I think that with this shutdown it will open a new door for students at other schools to have successful  high school careers. I will miss the atmosphere at Black Rock. The way that each student was able to get along so well and have fun at school.”
The shut down is said to be in benefit of the school.

Angel Burton

“Imboden Live would like to thank Ms. Angel Burton for her contribution of the above story.”