At the Lawrence County Fair Car Show, the PTE ran a nonprofit concession stand August 17

They sold hamburgers, hot dogs, polish sausage, donuts, chips, and drinks. The PTE had donations from

Wal-Mart in Walnut Ridge and Pocahontas, Greenway Equipment, Hays in Walnut Ridge and Teachers

from Sloan-Hendrix. We had 20 volunteers to work throughout the day. They also hosted a face painting

table. April Rainwater, Natasha Jackson and Felicia Collins were very creative in painting facing.

The PTE supports the students and teachers at Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools through various projects.

Each year is different. Before school had started, the PTE supplied clocks and toy tubs to the new

elementary teachers. The PTE welcomes any parents or grandparents to become a volunteer. Like their

facebook page at Sloan-Hendrix PTE for the most up dated information.