Shorty before 3:00 pm Lawrence County Dispatch was notified by the Arkansas State Police of a pursuit coming into Lawrence County from Hwy 63 at Sedgwick.
The vehicle then turned toward Greene County and onto a gravel road just inside of Greene Co.

Officers from Lawrence County , Craighead, Greene Co. , the City of Bono, and the Arkansas State Police converged on the area. The vehicle containing three suspects then wrecked. One was taken into custody and the two other suspects fled on foot. Officers began a search of the immediate area in vehicles and on foot. A local crop duster aided officers in the search.
The crop duster spotted the suspects in a field and dropped a marking substance onto the 2 suspects by dive bombing the field.
At 3:22pm the remaining suspects were then taken into custody with out further incident.

The original reason for stopping the vehicle was a traffic violation.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that at least one of the suspects had outstanding warrants. Arkansas State Police recovered drugs found in both the vehicle driven and the suspects themselves.

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