Police in Pocahontas have arrested four people on  multiple drug counts including Meth, Marijuana and Paraphernalia at a residence  on Marr Street. Nicholas Barnes, Joshua Nichols, Wendy Durham and Jeremy Smith  were arrested at the residence, two young children were also found in the  residence.
During the search, Joshua Nichols was found with a bag  of Meth in his pocket, a bottle of Meth was found in a safe along with several  articles of paraphernalia and a bag of Marijuana. Throughout the house, article  of drug paraphernalia as well as baggies containing a white powder substance  were found.
Several of the suspects admitted to using Meth in the  last 24 hours according to investigators. The children were removed by DHS while  the adults were arrested.
Barnes is being held on $25,000 Bond, Durham was  placed on $5,000 Bond, Smith and Nicol received a $20,000  Bond.
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