Sheriff Dotson Releases Warning  Concerning New Synthetic Drug
The synthetic drugs, 25I-NBOMe and  25C-NBOMe, or “N-Bomb” as they are known on the streets, are now  believed to be the drugs responsible for the death of at least two Scottsdale,  Arizona teens. Recent deaths reported in TX, LA, MN, and NC have also been  attributed to the same substances. Adolescents are often willing to experiment  with synthetic drugs like these because they are currently legal in most  states.
One of the Scottsdale victims was a high school student  who overdosed after nasally using a liquid form of the drug. The uncle of the  young man told notMYkid that he was devastated to learn that his nephew died in  the backseat of a car as a friend drove him around trying to let him sleep off  the effects of the drug. “These drugs are so potent and the kids just don’t get  it”, said the victim’s uncle. While adolescents are choosing to experiment with  “N-Bomb,” there is little known about the risks involved with use. No long-term  studies have been done on the substances though they have been linked to  multiple hospitalizations and deaths.

It is believed that local law enforcement in Arizona have  identified suspects selling these drugs. Unfortunately, as is often the case with synthetic drugs,  local law enforcement has been unable to make an arrest in the case due to the  current legal status of 25I-NBOMe and  25C-NBOMe in most  states. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that parents be aware of these  drugs and what to look for in order to prevent further incidents. 

25I-NBOMe  and 25C-NBOMe most frequently  come in the form of white powder, light brown or tan powder, small squares of  blotter paper, or liquid drops.  The liquid and powder are ingested orally  or used nasally, and the blotter paper is held under the tongue until the  chemical is absorbed into the bloodstream.  Many individuals who purchase  these drugs believe they are purchasing LSD.  Both of these new synthetic  substances are extremely potent, and individuals using them can easily misjudge  dosages, resulting in overdose and death.
 25I-NBOMe and  25C-NBOMe are also  referred to as “25-I,” “25-C,” “N-Bomb,” “Pandora,” “Dime,” “Smiles,” and  “Vortex.”  A search on YouTube for the term “NBOMe” returns multiple  results, including videos of individuals under the influence of these drugs, as  well as advertisements for websites that sell them.