On May 02, 2013 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Cody Smith  (20) of Weiner for shoplifting and possession of stolen property. The arrest  came after Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office called the Lawrence County Sheriff’s  Office about a residential burglary and theft case they were working. Smith was  the prime suspect in the case and was thought to be at a residence in Portia.  Deputies went to the residence to locate Smith. Deputies advised Smith why they  were there. Smith was Mirandized and asked about the stolen items from Poinsett  County. Smith admitted to the stolen items and then told deputies that he had  also stolen items from the Walnut Ridge Wal-Mart and from the Jonesboro Wal-  Mart. Smith gave all the stolen items to deputies, was placed under arrest and  transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing. Poinsett County  placed a hold on Smith for their charges.