As the case of missing 14 year old Sidney Randall enters the 44th day still many questions remain as investigators from the Walnut Ridge Police Department, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas State Police continue to examine leads in the case.
The Walnut Ridge Police Department and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office continue to follow up on every lead, tip and scrap of information looking for a break in the case. Although volunteer searches have been suspended with the vast majority of the county being searched, officers from both departments continue to follow up on additional leads.
With basically no indication of direction in the case, any and all tips by phone or email has been priority with both departments. Last week officers traveled out in the county several times and followed up on leads with no results. Sheriff Dotson’s boat has been put into service weekly traveling the waterways throughout the county in hopes of catching a glimpse of any clue that may be out there.
In several conversations with both Chief Thatcher and Sheriff Dotson, both have stated that the departments will continue their efforts in the case and encourage any individual that may have information in the case to contact either the WRPD or LCSO.
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