Sloan-Hendrix PTE Meeting March 11 & April 15

Members Present

Amanda Stallings Kathy Lester

Kristie Stallings April Rainwater

Terri Smith Bobbi Duncan

Becky Foreman Sheila Deshazo

Alaina Nichols Sandy Jones

New Members Present

Natasha Jackson

The meeting was called to order by President, Amanda Stallings at 6:00pm.

Old Business

Fundraiser did great. Winners of the classroom ice cream party are: Bobbi Duncan’s 2 nd grade
class and Cheryl Hufstedler’s 5th grade class. The PTE would like to thank everyone that helped
with the fundraiser, the money will be used on various projects around the school.

Dennis Lester priced supplies for a pavilion.

Still seeking prices on a wireless system.

New Business

The PTE voted to buy a new canopy for the events they do throw the year.

Terri Smith wrote checks for the Kindergarten graduation and Sr graduation.

Mr. Walton and Amanda Stallings will be doing a walk around the campus to discuss ideas
about the pavilions.

Mega Party: We will have the bounce houses, two dunking tanks, games, face painting, mask
decorating, pictures, obstacle course, and snacks. We have high school students for dunking
tanks, Art club will be doing the face painting and mask decorating with the kids. Parent
volunteers will fill will help with the rest.

We are still trying to get the National Guard to bring a rock wall for the kids.

The PTE voted for supplies to be bought for the Mega Party.

We would like to thank the Citizens Bank for donating popcorn, Greenway epuipment for the

water, and Mrs. Causbie for lending us the cotton candy machine.

April meeting we also had guest speaker Ricky Hawkins from CASA-Child Abuse & Neglect speak
to the PTE about the CASA.

At the March meeting we gave out Sonic coupons to all present.

The April meeting we had door prizes everyone present got a prizes. Kathy Lester and Sandy
Jones both won a multipurpose tray.

May meeting was moved up a week due to the Kindergarten graduation.

Meeting adjourned 7:10pm

Next Meeting May 13th 2013 at 6pm

Thank you,