As the storms of Monday Night moved through Lawrence County, at  5:49 the Lynn Fire Department was paged to the scene of a tree across the  highway at Lawrence 301 and Hwy 25. Lynn Firemen responded with chainsaws and  removed the tree, clearing the highway.
Just as Lynn finished the first scene, Lynn was again advised of a  tree across Hwy. 25 in the area of the Old Lebanon Church, Lynn responded to  that scene and once again opened the highway to traffic.
Minutes later, Lynn was called to 101 Lawrence 262 where a resident  reported a tree across the road and several trees down in the area. The resident  also reported a barn damaged by the storm but stated there were no injuries.  Lynn responded to the third scene and again cleared the road.
Southern Lawrence County was placed under a severe thunderstorm  warning around the same time of the damage occurring in the Lynn  area.