Wanted Escapee James Lundry Arrested By U.S.Marshalls In Fisk, Missouri

According to officials, James Lundry has been captured by United States Marshalls in the town of Fisk, Missouri.

Missouri was a focus for investigators after reports surfaced that Lundry may attempt to flee to the St. Louis area.

Lundry was originally wanted by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office for leaving a work release program on Friday. Lundry was then the prime suspect in a vehicle theft the same day in the Walnut Ridge area. Officials stated a witness identified Lundry in the stolen vehicle. Reports surfaced over the week when Lundry was sighted in the Pocahontas area by witnesses. Pocahontas Police and Randolph County deputies stepped up their search after the reports, then on Sunday the case took an unexpected turn when Lundry allegedly was spotted in a vacant house by a caretaker. Next a van was stolen from a local funeral home followed by a police officers home being broken into by the suspect.

While in the residence, Lundry was discovered by the officers wife. He then threatened the female, shot the family dog, shot twice more in the residence, took a gun along with body armor, a knife and ammunition before leaving.

Authorities from Randolph, Lawrence, Pocahontas, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas State Police and others converged on the area, searching throughout the night.

In a phone interview with Sheriff Dotson just moments ago, Sheriff Dotson stated “I want to personally thank the Walnut Ridge Police Department, Hoxie Police Department, Pocahontas Police Department, Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish and the Marshall Service for all their assistance in this matter”. Sheriff Dotson stated he was in a meeting in Walnut Ridge when he was notified of the capture of escapee.

For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit their website at www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .