Price Clinic in Jonesboro, Arkansas offers quality counseling services by Cynthia Price. We are proud to announce her NEW website

Counseling is a change (growth: healing) process in which people are helped to:

*express themselves  in a safe, supportive, collaborative, non-judgmental climate;

*identify, sort-out, clarify their problem laden “stories” (deepened awareness of past & present story and alternative future stories)

*identify non-helpful patterns

*learn, where appropriate, more helpful coping skills

*identify and achieve goals that are important to them.

Cynthia Price is Licensed Professional Counselor (L.P.C.) with over 16 years of experience.

Cindy uses an integrated approach to counseling,  believing that the whole individual should be considered. She uses a wide variety of techniques that help the individual grow. She believes that we all have the potential to heal ourselves, she can help guide you to this potential.

Cindy is dedicated to helping you developing a healthy mind/body which develop healthy emotions, and the consequence is peace, contentment, acceptance and the ability to maneuver through life with more ease.  This is what she enjoys giving to her clients.

Her success rate is high working with her clients, and has had lasting results.

Check out her NEW website and find out more of what Cynthia Price has to offer.

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Price Clinic is located at 920 Union Jonesboro, AR  72401.  Phone: 870-935-8676 to set up an appointment.