At 9:40 pm on Monday night, the Hoxie Fire Department, AET Ambulance of Walnut Ridge and Medic One Ambulance were called to the scene of a two vehicle accident with victims entrapped in both vehicles.
Hoxie called for assistance from the Walnut Ridge Fire Department and began removing the first injured victim at 9:46 pm. Once removed the victim was transported to St. Bernards Hospital by Medic One Ambulance.
An Air-Evac Unit was called for the second victim who was extracted from the vehicle at 10:05 pm and transported by AET Ambulance of Walnut Ridge to Lawrence Memorial Hospital’s Heli-pad where the patient was loaded onto a helicopter and flown to St. Bernards Hospital.
Hoxie Fire was assisted by Walnut Ridge Fire Department, Hoxie Police Department and the Walnut Ridge Police Department.