Recent heavy rains have increased driving hazards, not only in the flatlands of Lawrence County but also in the hills, flooding low water bridges.


Walnut Ridge Police and Walnut Ridge Fire Department responded to several stranded vehicles in deep water. Lawrence County Deputies have faced the same obstacles with vehicles driving off into deep water or running off the road into the ditches due to not being able to see the road in the high water.


The general rule of thumb has always been “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”.


Hwy 115 at the Hwy 117 intersection has been closed several times during the recent high waters. Roads in the Lawrence County 700 area have been impassable as well. If you have any concerns, you can call the Lawrence County Dispatch at 870-886-2525 and follow the prompts for current road conditions.


If you encounter water, turn around and find another route, do not risk it.


For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit their site at .


Special Thanks to Sgt. Rocky Chappell for sharing his photos, we appreciate you!