Thanksgiving is a day that many of us spend with our family and friends enjoying a good meal and quality time together.
Many folks on Facebook are sharing things they are thankful for in their status each day this November. I know I have so much to be thankful for this year and thought I would share on this Thankful Thursday.
FAMILY- I am thankful for my children. They make me laugh, know when to give me a hug when I need it most, and bring JOY into my life every single day.
My husband. He knows my mood just by the look on my face. He will listen to my troubles,worries,or success stories and be there for the bad and the good. He tells me I am beautiful when I wake up in the morning and that he loves me before we fall asleep at night.
My Mother in Law. She is the listening ear when I need one and shoulder to cry on when I am feeling blue. She is supportive and a great grandmother to our three kiddos.
My best friend and cousin Michelle. My confidant, my soul sister, and the BEST friend anyone could ask for. We have seen each other through all the tears, mischief, heartbreak, and complete happiness this world can throw at you.
Our menagerie of pets. From our spoiled shih tzu , to the 6 chickens, 4 cats, my mother in laws 2 pups, right down to our beta fish Lucky.
I’m thankful for many other things. A roof over my head at night, a job that I love, good people in the community who support what we do and friends that have been there when we needed them. I’m thankful for peace and understanding.
I hope all of our readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving.