Graduation at IACS June 2, 2011

A large number of parents and grandparents gathered outside the Charter School on June 2,
2011 at 6:00 P.M. for the Graduation Ceremonies for Kindergarten and Eighth grade students and the
Awards Program for all of the students who attended the Charter School this year. Seven Eighth graders
and five Kindergarten students received their diplomas and a large number of students were awarded
certificates of achievement in reading, spelling, mathematics, science, social studies, keyboarding, art
and music.

Zack Anderson plans to attend High School at Sloan-Hendrix. He said “When I grow up I want to
work with animals.”

Mike Miron will be attending Sloan-Hendrix as a Ninth grader next year. He said, “ My favorite
food is hot wings and his favorite color is black.”

Connor McManus is going to Hoxie High School next year, he said his favorite color is red
and that he thinks he might want to be an air marshal when he gets older. He said, “ I plan to attend
Williams Baptist College.”

Sam Corbett will attend Pocahontas High School next year.

Michael Cartwright will be attending Sloan-Hendrix High School.

Holly Monard will go to Sloan-Hendrix High School next year . She said,” My favorite color is
black and purple. I want to be a labor and delivery nurse.”

Hannah Parrish said,” I’m going to Sloan Hendrix for the first time next year. My favorite things
to do are sing and dance.”

Kindergarten students receiving their diplomas and moving on to the First grade are: Jessie
Veach, Audrianna Arford, Dakota Bice, Natalie Palmer and Evan Ealey.

Johnny Scales was presented the Perfect Attendance Award.

IACS Altha Murphy Most Improved Student Award

Tyler Brubaker, 4th grade, was presented the Altha Murphy, Most Improved Student Award at the
awards and graduation ceremonies, Thursday evening, June 2, 2011, and will have his name placed on
a plaque with previous years’ winners displayed in the school’s hallway. Mrs. Murphy presented the
award along with Mrs. Judy Warren, Director of the Charter School. Mrs. Warren said, “ Mrs. Murphy
worked with Mr. Scott Rorex to help write the Original Charter, she came out of retirement to fill a
need that the school had for a special education teacher and taught at the Charter School for five
years. “ Mrs. Warren continued in saying, “Mrs. Murphy gave 47 years of her life to education and has
touched the lives of many students.” Mrs. Warren added that, “When Mrs. Murphy left us to return
to retirement once again, we established an award to be given each year in her honor. It is called the
Altha Murphy award, and it goes to the most improved student. The student earning the award has
their name engraved on a plaque that hangs in our school hallway. When we discuss who should receive
this honor, we look at a high improvement in academics as well as personal growth.” Mrs. Warren
concluded in saying, “ The student who was chosen this year has a growth of 12 years in reading and
math together, and we have all seen this student grow to become more responsible and self-confident.
This year the Altha Murphy award goes to Tyler Brubaker.”

Playground Renovations at IACS

Parents, grandparents, board members and staff worked on June 2, 2011 to improve and expand the
playground area at the Charter School. Chainsaws, weed eaters, brush clippers were all used to make
a part of the playground useable by removing brush and undergrowth in the fenced area just West of
the basketball court. At noon the volunteers were treated to hot dogs , chips, cookies and drinks. Then
at 2:00 p.m. students came outside and performed various acts, like singing and joke telling, Tae Kwon
Do, and dance for those in attendance. Students had been busy that morning cleaning their desks and
chairs and decorating the flower and shrubbery in an annual school event to spruce up the school for
Graduation and Awards Ceremonies that night.