On June 04, 2011 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dept and the Hoxie Police Dept working together
arrested Jonathan Gustafson (01/20/85) of Portia for theft of property and criminal mischief. The arrest
came after an 18 wheeler was stolen from Hoxie in the middle of the night. Gustafson did not know how
to release the trailer brakes and they remained locked causing the tires to blow out and also damage the
brakes. Gustafson abandoned the 18 wheeler at a farm shop near Clover Bend and then took a John
Deere Model 9400 tractor. The tractor was found later that morning hidden in a wood line near Portia.
The tractor was valued at $80,000 and damage to the 18 wheeler was estimated at $6,000. Deputies
followed up on some possible leads and came up with Gustafson. Deputies tracked Gustafson down and
found him hiding in an attic at a house in Portia. Gustafson admitted to taking both the 18 wheeler and
the tractor. Gustafson was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a
bond hearing. Gustafson was out on bond already for a burglary and theft charge from 2 weeks ago.
Bond was set at $50,000 on the new charges and his previous bond was revoked. A Circuit Court date of
June 29 was issued.