A second breech in the levee at Pocahontas is expanding the local flooding in the area. At 2pm the Black River at Pocahontas was at 28.44 feet. Black River Tech College is surrounded by water with several buildings taking water. Almost all of the runway at the Pocahontas Airport is covered and the water is still rising.
Many buildings and homes in East Pocahontas have taken on water.

The Randolph County Jail had to evacuate it’s prisoners to Greene, Craighead and the Arkansas Department of Corrections. Also the Red Cross is setting up a shelter at the Community Center for people displaced by the flood waters. As of now, the Department of Emergency Management is not reporting any injuries or deaths.

Randolph County Sheriff Gary Tribble announced the Arkansas State Police is bringing in a Command Center to run the Randolph County 911 Dispatch, the current dispatch center is being forced to evacuate.