The National Weather Service at midnight on April 27th observed the Black River at Pocahontas at 28.24 feet, the record set back in 1915 was 27.9 feet. For reference, the flood stage for the Black River at Pocahontas is just 17.0 feet. In the flood of 1982 the river crested at 25.2 feet.

The Black River Bridge in Pocahontas is closed.

The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning effective until 1:15pm on Thursday Lawrence and Randolph Counties including the City of Pocahontas. Impact locations include College City, O’Kean, Pocahontas and Portia. Flood Warnings remain in effect until 11:30am Friday. Emergency Management Officials reported widespread flooding continued accross the warned area.

A flood warning means flooding is imminent or has been reported